“Bi” is not for “bisexual”: Two years of Sabia and Verona

Many things happen on October 20. It’s a holy day in the Bahá’í Faith, it’s the World Osteoporosis Day and it’s Snoop Dogg’s birthday. But here in the tropicalness of our small kingdom, we celebrate something else on the twentieth day of the tenth month of the year. Our very own anniversary. Today we are celebrating two years of Sabia and Verona being Sabia and Verona, and we’re pretty proud of that. Two years. That’s 730 days. 730 days, guys! And in those 730 days governments have come and gone, languages have been created, religions have been completely reformed, cultures have been appropriated and titles have been granted. In those 730 days a hundred micronations have been made and have been dissolved as we observe quietly from our arguably high horse of relative stability.

Things have changed. 

And things are changing. That’s the cycle of everything and it’s a very Pahunist concept. Things must change in order to keep the world running. Babies are born and old people die. Nicki Minaj releases a new single and Kim Kardashian goes to the beach and that bikini makes her ass look bigger than it actually is because that’s what’s “trendy”. It’s a matter of movement, and even after two years of staying under the same flag Sabia and Verona is still moving. Who knows? Perhaps next year something great will happen, or we’ll fall into inactivity only to come back the year after that. So many things can happen when over 80% of your population is composed of non-sentient beings.

Real talk. Looking back there’s a lot to be embarrassed of. My poor English skills, my bad graphics, my constant changes. I won’t lie about that. We are bound to be helplessly ashamed of our past selves, and it’s something I’m aware of as I type this down. In two more years I’ll be reading this and I’ll scream into a pillow. But let’s make one thing clear: embarrasment and regret aren’t the same thing. And I honestly don’t regret anything.



Because I’m less like that. I’m not particularly proud of 2011 me, but I can safely say I’m kind of happy with 2014 me. I’m more chill and I think I’m kinda less annoying. I think. At least I try.

I’ve had the bad habit of mixing up my personal life and my micronational life. Of course, when you’ve been a member of the Community for such a long time it’s inevitable, at some point the line between what you did with your family yesterday and what law you passed today will blur. But I took the wrong approach. People have been harmed, and that’s certainly not an occupational hazard of micronationalism. Most of the times it was all silly and immature disputes, but there were instances when the fruit was peeled and the insides were exposed. Shit has happened.

Who knew micronationalism could be so dramatic? I certainly didn’t at first, but I learnt the hard way. That in mind, sitting here writing this borderline cliché article coated in my predictably poor first-person narrative, it kind of feels like it was all necessary. Having a country of stuffed animals has been mighty educational.

It’s been two years since Ciprian and I decided it would be a dope idea to create an outlet of Juclandia in this sector of ours, but it’s been over three years since my arrival to the MicroWiki Community. Since then I’ve had like eight names, twenty micronations and at least four sockpuppet-personas. I can’t properly say “that’s all in the past”, because a couple of years aren’t enough to get people to forget. But that’s alright: this is micronationalism. It’s no big deal after all. We’re all people who create their own countries ’cause they’ve got way too much free time and occassionally way too much money.


Today in Sabia and Verona we’re not only celebrating our two years of subjectship to Juclandia; we’re celebrating our heritage as successors of a shitload micronations that didn’t last more than a month. We’re celebrating the grand apple pie of clairvoyance. We’re celebrating the fact we’re yet not damaged to extinction. We’re celebrating micronationalism, with all its perks and quirks.

But most importantly, we’re celebrating Snoop Dogg’s birthday.



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