Parliament approves the creation of new holidays


Today the members of the Sabioveronese Parliament have passed a law which approved the creation of seven new holidays. The law specified there should be at least one holiday per month (excluding the rotating full moon festivals), as having fun and time off is considered a popular right.

“I believe the people’s happiness will improve exponentially with this law” said NNS sarentir Andreina Rossini, who co-wrote the law with fellow NNS parliamentarians O. K. Bennet and Narcissus Clyne. “It’s our right to have fun, to party and to celebrate these holidays, which we believe truly reflect the culture of our great nation”.

The new holidays include the familiar and international Workers’ Day on May 1st, which has been celebrated in previous years (notably in 2013) but had not been recognized by the government until now, and new original holidays that the Arts Division has already stared planning, such as the Great Southern Festival, scheduled for 17 August, the Ice Cream Day on 9 March, and the enigmatic What Day, which will be celebrated on 24 September.

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