Bakinn to merge into the Left Alliance


Léon Galieri, official representative of the Left Alliance in Alios, has notified to the government the Bakinn Party has decided to merge into the Left Alliance to form a single left-wing/green front in the Northern regions. The decision came after a week of negotiations between the leaderships of the two parties, which has been seen as a pre-emptive move against the rising popularity of the Unity Party in recent weeks.

The Left Alliance and Bakinn, formerly known as Convergence and Amity, were both founded on 23 February 2014 when the Federation came to life. Both parties are successors of Napoléon Bleuberrie’s Socialist Party; the Left Alliance was formed as a merger of the Socialists and the breakaway Communist Party, and Convergence is directly descended from the Roots Party, a merger of the Strawberry Party and the Free Suyu Front, which also separated from the Socialist Party of Bleuberrie.

The legacy of the Free Suyu Front is exactly what the new united bloc is trying to convey, as the Left Alliance will now be known by the official name of Left Alliance – Souiu, the modern Sabian spelling of the FSF’s name.

Alongside the merger, it was announced the Left Alliance’s leader, Petyr Cohen, will resign in the coming weeks. It is unknown who will lead the party in his stead.


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