King releases two royal decrees, modifies royal title, dissolves Order

His Royal Highness King Tarik has released a new batch of two royal decrees dealing with issues proper to the Monarchy: the Kingdom’s orders of honor, and the King’s own royal titles. This marks a busy start of the year for the King, who released a single royal decree in the past year of 2016.

The dissolution of the Order of the Steel Ring


Lycene portrait of King Tarik as High Priest of the Pahun, carrying the Steel Ring around his neck.

The first decree deals with the dissolution of the Order of the Steel Ring, an order of honor founded in 2013 by King Tarik in his capacity as King of Lycem, back when the region was still an independent micronation, separate from Sabia and Verona. The Order was Lycem’s only order of honor and merit, and it remained active when the region became part of Sabia and Verona, as the Kingdom’s second-highest award under the much older and known Order of the Baphomet.

Tarik’s only royal decree of 2016 also concerned the now defunct Order, it placed it under the Order of the Needle in the hierarchy of awards of the Kingdom. The award of the Order had not been granted to anyone since 2014. Article 12 of the 2015 Constitution allows the Monarch free reign over all matters concerning the orders of honor of the Kingdom, as they are perceived to be an integral part of the Monarchy.

H.R.H. the King has insisted that the Night King’s Steel Ring, the physical object for which the Order was named, will remain a Crown Treasure and part of the Monarch’s greater regalia. The ring was given to King Tarik by Aina Oehler, former leader of the defunct Union of Artaghe, in 2011. As the legend goes, the ring once belonged to the Night King, the Lycene mythological deity of the night, and was given to the demigod Mireon as a trick to turn him into a jaguar.

Since the Order’s disestablishment, only three orders of honor remain active in the Kingdom: the Imperial Order of the Baphomet, founded in 2012 before the creation of Sabia and Verona, the Order of the Needle, founded in 2013 by Napolén Bleuberrie, and the military Order of the Hummingbird, founded in 2011 during the time of The Faryar, which was under the Queen of Zealandia’s jurisdiction until 2013.

The royal titles

The other royal decree modified the full royal title of the Monarch, which had retained its form since the coronation of Queen Isadora in 2014. The new royal title includes less honorific titles and is considerably shorter. Also, notably, it has replaced the proper religious title “High Priest of the Pahun” with the less formal “Defender of the Avendrá”, and included the peerage title of each personal monarch at the end of the full title.

The former full royal title was …By the Grace of the Pahun and the Will of his People, King of the Valtirians, King of Sabia and Verona, King of Lycem and the Eastern Realms, Protector of the Flame, High Priest of the Pahun, Shäi of the Pashqari, Prince of the Sunrise and the Sunset, Protector of the South. From now on, the royal title of the Sabioveronese monarch will be …By the Will of his People, King of the Valtirians, Defender of the Avendrá, Voice of the Plushies, Duke of Evra.


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