Sabia and Verona has a new constitution


The three presidents of the Assembly and party leaders with the new Constitution of the Kingdom.

A finished draft for a new Constitution of Sabia and Verona, written over the past two months by the Constitutional Assembly, has been approved by an overwhelming majority of the body after a whole day of reviewing, which concluded at 6 pm when the document was ratified.

The new constitution, which will come into force once it’s promulgated by the King , will be the Kingdom’s third constitutional document. It’s the result of over two months of cross-party discussions. 37 out of the Assembly’s 46 members voted in favor of the constitution, most of them belonging to the Left and Liberal fronts. Members of the National Artists’ Guild, mostly voted against the motion, following the lead of former party chair Shounn Virny, the lame duck Chief of Government who renounced his party’s leadership after the colossal defeat of the “no” camp in last month’s constitutional referendum. Among those in the NNS who defied Virny are current party leader Snø Jens-Galieri and Alios mayor Étienne Boulin.

Having fulfilled its main objective, the Constitutional Assembly will continue to hold legislative powers until elections are held once again. Though a date has not been set, it’s likely a parliamentary election will be held in mid-May. The President of the Constitutional Assembly, Simor de Jena (a Liberal), has confirmed the Assembly will not be passing any new laws and will “probably” not meet again unless it’s “completely necessary”.

The new constitution, written entirely in Spanish, is made up of 104 articles spread into ten chapters describing the roles of the state and its institutions, listing the rights of humans and plush toys, and establishing the framework for the establishing of a working economy. The last chapter also describes in detail the process for constitutional amendment and reform, which the previous 2015 constitution lacked. Most notably, the new constitution will considerably expand the judiciary and allow for more flexibility in electoral laws and the structure of the military.


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