The short race: elections to be held on May 14


The recently formed Electoral Commission, whose interim members were appointed by the Constitutional Assembly upon the passing of the new constitution last week, has agreed to move the election date from April 30, as had been originally decided by the Assembly, to May 14. The decision was taken after members of the National Artists’ Guild (NNS) protested the Assembly’s date for being “too soon”, giving parties only a week to campaign. The new date, however, is still “quite soon”, according to NNS party leader Snø Jens, who complained the short campaign would be an unfair advantage to the two major parties at the moment, the Liberals and the Left Alliance.

The three-week campaign is still going to be the shortest campaign in the history of Sabioveronese democracy, shorter even than the campaign for the 2012 election in which Osez Kóvérsz led the Liberals (then known as the Unity Party) to victory. This stands in stark contrast to last year’s (2016) election, which had the longest campaign to date. This time around, the Liberals are poised to win a comfortable plurality, with the Left Alliance second and the Artists trailing behind after the numerous controversies involving NNS PM Shounn Virny.


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