Parliament to increase number of seats in 2018

Dargany speaking 1

Parliamentary session held in May 2017 (archive)

The Parliament has approved a law that will increase the number of its seats, following the recommendations of a report presented by the Electoral Commission. The law is an amendment to the 2017 electoral law that established the present proportional system and the constituency boundaries used in the last election. The chairman of the Electoral Commission, Maxi Gauvier, praised the move and hailed as a sign of institutional responsibility. The Commission was established by the new constitution and has since overseen a single election, the one held in May of last year.

Under the amendment, the constituencies of Alios and Gonn (both of which have the same boundaries as the geographical regions for which they are named) will increase the number of MPs they send to Parliament. Alios will send 10 MPs (it sent 9 in 2017) and Gonn will send 13 (11, in 2017). This amounts to a total of 23 seats, the most seats the Parliament has ever had in Sabioveronese history.

The Sabioveronese legislature has historically had 20 seats. The first Courts of Sabia and Verona, the former unicameral legislature which was in place from 2012 to 2014, had 20 seats; the Chamber of Deputies (the lower house of the bicameral legislature established by the 2014 constitution) also had 20 seats. After the execution of Haronos, the Sabioveronese Parliament established by the 2015 constitution had 10 seats, due to the reduced number of citizens in the new electorate. The number was restored to 20 in the 2016 election, and maintained when the 2017 constitution reformed the Parliament.

The amendment passed with almost universal support: the Liberals (who proposed it) and the Democrats all supported it, while the Artists were not present in the session, in which a number of other laws were discussed.


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