Economy rises as Lycem exports copper and aluminium


Sabia and Verona started today its trade of copper and aluminium with the newly founded Lycem, that limits Sabia to the east. The nation, that shares language, leaders, citizens and culture with Sabia and Verona, agreed to export minerals in exchange of fruits and seeds from Southern Verona.

The exact amount of minerals imported is still unknown, and the Sabioveronese Minister for Economy is yet to meet the Lycene ministers of Foreign affairs and Economy.

Copper and aluminium are easily found in Lycem due to the surrounding construction works that leave their remains on the arid Lycene soil. On the other hand, Sabia and Verona’s territory is fertile and agriculture can be easily set in Sabian land; while Verona’s biodiversity and abundant flora allows it to be a great place to harvest.

While culturally and socially Sabia-Verona and Lycem are very close, economy is an undeveloped sector of both nations. It is expected that now thanks to the existence of Lycem, Sabia and Verona can develop their economy and start trade and exportations soon enough.


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