Elections 2012: Unity Party for the win

Osez Kóvérsz, First Secretary elect

The December 23 elections in Sabia and Verona spat out a result that shocked everyone, including the winners. The Unity Party, a liberal conservative party that was in opposition until now, won the general elections with 67.4% of the votes, leaving Socialist Party government officials with their mouths open. The Unity candidate for First Secretariat, Osez “White Prince” Kóvérsz celebrated his victory in the headquarters of the Unity Party in his home state of Caenia, where he served as Mayor until this passed December 23.

Kóvérsz is expected to take office on January 1, leaving time for current First Secretary Napoléon Bleuberrie to pack up and leave the office clean at Quetzal Château. Against all the odds, Kóvérsz and the Unity Party “ate” the elections with an overwhelming majority.

As of the Courts, 11 Unity deputies will sit in the newly elected Legislature that will start meeting on January as expected.

The Municipalities of Ícaro, Listria and Nueva Heredia stayed loyal to the Socialist Party that has not bothered to say a word regarding the results of the elections, and quietly enjoys its last week before it becomes the opposition party of Sabioveronese politics.

Comically, many politicians that used to serve the Socialist Party (ministers included) have showed their intentions of joining the Unity Party factions and stay in government for the next six months.

As well, the Juclandian Democratic Party won the majority for the Juclandian Assembly of Deputies that was included in the ballots this December 23.


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