FSF declared official party, Schubert-Moss in controversy

Iñaki Monteverde

Iñaki Monteverde

Early today, new First Secretary Osez Kóvérsz ended a week of chasing anarchist leader Iñaki Monteverde, declared a threat to the state on January 15, 2013; but not by imprisoning him, but by convincing him and other members of the recently founded Free Suyu Front (FSF), an anarchist movement that was considered illegal by the Legislative Courts to sign the Karasal Treaty forming the third political party in the Sabioveronese history.

However, neither Monteverde or his new party had time to celebrate, when it was disclosed that the current Minister for Education and Welfare under Kóvérsz, Anton Schubert-Moss is a member of the FSF. Although now the FSF is considered a perfectly legal political party, and has right to be in the People’s Cabinet, the anarchist party was illegal when Schubert-Moss was vowed in service as Minister of Kóvérsz’ cabinet, and instead was inscribed as a member of the Socialist Party of Sabia and Verona.

Anton Schubert-Moss

Anton Schubert-Moss

When government authorities started revising the case, it came clear at simple sight that although Schubert-Moss was publicly considered a Socialist Party member the whole time, neither Socialist Party leader Napoléon Bleuberrie or any other Socialist Party members complained about the Minister’s alleged membership. Further clues would reveal the Socialist Party had been covering and giving political aid to the FSF when the anarchist movement was still considered illegal, breaking the principles of the Karasal Treaty.

The Legislative Courts armed an emergency meeting and charges were pressed against Bleuberrie, Schubert-Moss and Monteverde. The trial lasted three hours, and all of the defended were pronounced innocent. Schubert-Moss was allowed to maintain his office as a FSF member and the young anarchist movement will be set free of all legal issues, as will Bleuberrie and the Socialist Party.


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