Micronationalist writes extensive article criticizing another micronationalist

Screenshot of the Article

Screenshot of the Article

An unprecedented event took place this afternoon when Thomas Wilker, President of the Republic of Wilkeronia, wrote an extensive and detailed article on Wilkeronia’s national WordPress news agency, The Wilkeronia Times, where he criticized his fellow micronationalist Andrew Walker, King and Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Walkeronia. In the article, Wilker openly calls Walker a corrupt monarch, whose undemocratic rule over Walkeronia is immoral and should be put to an end immediately.  The article, titled “Gloriuos National Bulletin August 2013“, was read by three people of which none commented, except for Walker himself who commented: “Shut up f*ggot! Long live the Kingdom of Walkeronia!!!!“.

In the article, Wilker claims an alliance with yet another fellow micronation, the Empire of Cameltoenia. As well, it points Wilkeronia’s possession of nuclear weaponry, described as “nuclear guns”.

It is unsure how this will affect the diplomatic relations between Walkeronia and Wilkeronia. The SiV Phonograph‘s underpaid intern has been given a Skype interview with President Wilker of Wilkeronia, which failed to proceed due to our intern’s poor knowledge of Wilkeronian English. Sabia and Verona will stand by as the situation unfolds.


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