Stefanović: the situation in Venezuela is affecting our internal affairs


The PM delivered her speech early in the morning in Salisse

Madam PM Ann Stefanović (AMD) gave a speech today in which she stated “the situation in Venezuela is affecting [Sabia and Verona’s] internal affairs“. Stefanović has complained Sabia and Verona’s transition into a province of the Federal Union of Juclandian Lands has been affected by the ongoing riots in several Venezuelan cities, including the western city of Mérida, which completely landlocks Sabia and Verona. The protests, that started on 11 February, 2014, have included harsh confrontations between the Venezuelan National Bolivarian Guard (GNB), the State Police Corps, anti-Venezuelan government students and pro-Venezuelan government protesters. The main roads of the outer city have been blocked with burning car tires, rocks and the tons of garbage the city has been flooding in due to the lack of garbage trucks.

One of Stefanović’s main concerns is the upcoming coronation of to-be-Queen Isadora Annenak, who was to be crowned in the capital city of Salisse on Sunday the 23rd; the event has been postponed for the time being. “We cannot risk Her Royal Highness’s security by asking her to come to Sabioveronese territory; the main roads connecting the seat of the Royal House and SiV have been blocked and are seeing riots and outbursts of violence among protesters and police” stated the Prime Minister.

Alternative solutions to the coronation in Salisse have been provided, and the government is evaluating the possiblity of crowning the future Queen of All Sabia, Verona and Lycem in the Lycene realm of Habyra, which is considerably closer to the Royal House’s seat, on 24 February, 2014. If the situation is cooler next Monday, Her Royal Highness and part of the Sabioveronese government are to rendezvous there, where the future Queen will be officially sworn into office. “If all other plans fail, we must postpone Her Royal Highness’s coronation until the situation affecting our neighbouring Venezuela ends“,  said Stefanović.

The PM also pleaded for peace in Venezuela and for the Venezuelan citizenry to halt the ongoing protests that have already taken the life of three students in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas. “It is saddening to see our neighbour and parent country in such a shameful situation. As head of the Sabioveronese government, I can only ask President Nicolás Maduro to put an end to this massacre“. The protests started with students from the major universities in the country, the ULA and the UCV complaining about insecurity and flaws in the democratic system. To conclude the speech, the national anthem of Venezuela, “Gloria al Bravo Pueblo” was played following Sabia and Verona’s own anthem.


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