Pahunist Anniversary: Noaeryk I longest reigning High Priest of the Blue Church

Noaeryk I

Tenkośu portrait of High Priest Noaeryk, made in the occassion of his first anniversary in the Church.

It’s September 13, and the Church of the Pahun is celebrating. It was one year ago that High Priestess Senna I Ashminasuunu, the Beloved, stepped down and handed the title of Miisete Pahunetur to Joseph Kennedy of Ashukovo, who would become Noaeryk I, High Priest of the Pahun.

Noaeryk’s tenure as High Priest has been characterized by the unification of the two schools of thought of Pahunism, the Nikolaeist School and the Fäkhist School. It has also been characterized by the declaration of the Aytana Tree Edict, which redefined the purpose of the Panunist Church. High Priest Noaeryk has been the longest-reigning leader of the Church, having beaten the record previously held by his predecessor Senna I (now known as Lady Saria Josephine) last August 23.

While all past High Priests excercised full power over the institution’s affairs, Noaeryk has served most of his term as a purely symbolic figure. Ever since the Aytana Tree took over the Blue Church, all the decisions have been made by its followers collectively, which is not really hard since Pahunism isn’t exactly a widespread religion. Noaeryk’s term has been once of peace, integration, collective leadership and most of all, balance.

To celebrate this special occassion, the Pahunist Church has collectively decided to conmemorate Noaeryk’s reign by revealing his Nanasehur, the name for which he will be known after he steps down from office. While usually a Nanasehur would be given to the High Priest after their dismissal, the Noaeryk’s subjects have decided to present it to him now, and he will be able to use it for as long as his reign extends and beyond. After little debate it was agreed Noaeryk would be known as Ashagantaresamenu, the Bringer of Balance.

Congratulations, Miisete Noaeryk. May the Pahun smile upon your reign with all of its eight virtues.


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