Conservative victory: Rivière to become Enkâkourak


Bertrand Guillaume Rivière, who will take office as First Secretary on 1 October 2014.

The ballots closed at 6 pm VST and it was time for the National Electoral Tribunal to count the votes. A multitude of reactions didn’t really appear on the faces of the Sabioveronese citizens when it was announced Bertrand Rivière, of the Képren Lâdom Alliance had won 34% of the votes nationwide. The Képren Lâdom, a coalition of the Unity Party (C) and the Initiative for Democracy (D), will have nine seats in the Chamber of Deputies. This is the first conservative victory since the election of Osez Kóvérsz as First Secretary in the December 2012 election.

In celebration, Rivière held a victory rally in the Ánko Mon district of Salisse in which he proclaimed:

“Line elêk vaturshar ravêk nâma Képras Lâdom. Ê né sourta: lâde. Képre árosh lir arounêk, má tréshatokor xír!” (Translation unavailable.)

Rivière had received an unprecedented support in previous polls. Coming to a close second winner stands the Left Alliance headed by Ernesto DaVilha with 26% of the vote. The Left Alliance won four seats in the Chamber of Deputies.

Although the Convergence and Amity party of Étienne Boulin received only 23% of the vote, they gained five seats in the Chamber of Deputies, one seat more than their red counterparts.

Finally, the Pashqari People’s Party, headed by José Ramírez received a 15% of the general vote, which will grant them two seats in the Chamber of Deputies, not unlike the two seats they already have in the present Chamber. Independent candidates have received 1% of the general vote. The voter turnout was of 87%, lower than the past election’s 98% but still considerably higher than the 66% of the September 2013 election.

Though the relatively new to politics Rivière first rose to fame as the husband of Sabian language poetess Rosalind “Rosie” Levine, lately he has made a name for himself in Sabia and Verona with controversial ideas and reforms that will be presented in the first meeting of the new Chamber of Deputies on October 1, 2014.


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