Transitional Council to take over Federal Union

Provisional Seal of the Federal Government

Seal of the Federal Union of Juclandian Lands

A Transitional Council has been established in the Federal Union of Juclandian Lands (FUJL) as pleads for leadership have been made across the nation. The FUJL has lacked a proper government since last August 23 when the Government of Chancellor Ciprian Sorin, King of Juclandia, was dissolved.

Calls for reforms arose last September 19, when several members of the Obștea, including King Ciprian himself, agreed it was time for a change in the system currently employed by the Federation. However plans on these reforms were interrupted the following day when turmoil erupted in the Obștea over a conflict involving the representatives of Juclandia, Sabia and Verona and former Ashukov politician and Austenasian Caesar Joseph Kennedy, Count of Greater Richmond and current High Priest of the Pahun as Noaeryk Ashagantaresamenu. The dispute was solved, but it wasn’t until seven days later that decisions were made on the government of the Federation.

The Transitional Council will  be composed, as agreed by the representatives of Juclandia, Sabia and Verona, and Ayrshire (King Ciprian, Governor Kârjasary and Thomas Cassidy, respectively), by one envoy from each of the provinces of the FUJL, and it will be headed by King Ciprian as President of the Transitional Council. For the sake of practicality, it was suggested the Juclandian Monarch represent Leonida, Lenia and Burlatia (which alongside Juclandia conform the Romanian-speaking majority of the Federation) as opposed to having a delegate from each of said provinces in the Council. The idea was however declined, as it was seen as “unfair” to the three provinces, all of which counted with representatives in the now deceased Obștea.

The Transitional Council is expected to be in power until the  requested reforms come in place. Some proposed reforms include the dissolution of the Secretariats and more autonomy to the Federation’s provinces; Sabia and Verona has been the main proponent of of these amendments, while the nation prepares for reforms of its own as First Secretary-elect Bertrand Rivière awaits the 1st of October, when he is to assume provincial leadership of the Kingdom.


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