“Impossible to manage”: Alios-Capital region to split

After days of deliberation, Parliament has decided today to finally pass a law that will split the Alios-Capital region into two different entities. The bill was originally drafted and proposed jointly by MPs Janina Amosiry and Orion Bennet, of the Poméxelos and Tepou Éisarann constituencies, respectively. As explained by Enkâkourak Virny, who spoke to the press after the Parliament session was declared finished, the territory comprised by the districts of Kotavari, Étanou, Poméxelos and Tepou Éisarann, as well as parts of the Darmosari, Kodesari, and Sejê-Kepren districts will now be under the jurisdiction of the region of Gonn, which will become the Kingdom’s fifth first-tier administrative division. The district of Monesari, as well as the remaining parts of the Darmosari, Sejê-Kepren and Kodesari districts will now belong to the autonomous City of Alios, which will be administered as a municipality but will retain its precedence, what Virny called a “region-level city administered by the central government”.

The decision came forth after calls were made by residents of what is now the Gonn region to give the northern districts of the Alios-Capital region more autonomy to govern themselves, as they felt the central government was unable to fully take care of the region as it was originally intended when it was founded a couple of months ago on 25 August.

“Impossible to manage” was how the governor of the region, Étienne Boulin, one of the main proponents of the change, described the Alios-Capital region. “Larger in size and population than a single municipality can handle”. He explained to Phonograph correspondents that although the region of Sabia had once contained a much larger population within its borders, the prefectures and municipalities of Sabia were much more self-relient before Haronos and the new constitution. “It was all me, I couldn’t do anything!” exclaimed Boulin. The governor will continue to serve as executive administrator of the City until elections for the position are held, possibly next year.


PM Shounn Virny meeting with Governor Étienne Boulin of Alios, Governor-elect Suipom Goyo and Vice-Governor-elect Harmê Bertram of Gonn.

PM Virny met with Boulin and Kotavari residents Suipom Goyo and Harmê Bertram this evening to sort out the semantics of the new region. Goyo and Bertram were elected by the people of the region to represent Gonn as Governor and Vice-Governor, respectively.

Goyo, who will become Governor tomorrow when the law comes into effect, explained the origins of the region’s name and why it was so important that it became a separate entity from the capital: “All of Alios’ resources come through Sejê-Kepren. This is why we have chosen the name of Gonn for our region [Gonn means ‘tunnel’ or ‘portal’ in Sabian]. Gonn is too much of a big region to be dependent on the central government. A region so big in space and population cannot rely on the slow bureaucracy of the Parliament and the Kingdom’s national governing bodies.”

The new region will count with two prefectures, Minoumon (containing most of the districts of Poméxelos, Tepou Éisarann and the southern section of Sejê-Kepren) and Asry (containing most of the districts of Kotavari, Étanou and the southern section of Sejê-Kepren) and a single Special Territory. The capital of the Region will be the municipality of Kotavari, the most populous part of the new region.

Speaking on the subject, PM Shounn Virny apologized in the name of the geography committee of the Haronos plan for the miscalculations regarding the administration of the Alios-Capital region. He also recognized the Constitution would now have to be amended, but he ensured the amendment would not be an obstacle in the creation of the new region.


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