Gentlepeople, start your engines: Goyo and Boulin to run for second terms

This morning at a Guild rally, the Chief of Government of Alios and the Governor of Gonn, Étienne Boulin and Suipom Goyo, have publicly announced their intentions to run for second terms in their respective offices. This is the first public statement by any party regarding the upcoming September elections, which are scheduled to happen on the third sunday of the ninth month.

Both plushies have held their offices since November, when the colossal Alios-Capital region split into the Region of Gonn and the City of Alios. Boulin originally held the posistion of Governor of Alios for two months.

The SiV Phonograph had the opportunity to interview Governor Goyo, with whom we were able to get into detail about their campaign plans and their ideas for the future of their region.


Last November you were elected in a landslide. Do you think the people of Gonn have grown fond of you?

I think the people of Gonn share many of my ideals, they are a people after my own heart. They are a wonderful bunch, and we have achieved many great things.

Governor, this move is rather unprecedented in Sabioveronese politics. How do you think the general public will respond to your decision to run for a second term?

Étienne and I are well aware this is kind of new terrain for our Kingdom’s politics. Us Valtirians have good memories, and we associate second terms with Bleuberrie, and with corrupt Burgomeisters. We know our intentions will be misunderstood. But we truly believe our work here isn’t done. Alios and Gonn, these Southern lands are so young. They need nurturing, the way our homeland in the North did. They need to be worked on, and ‘Tienne and I have already got the hang of it. We are not being conceited when we say we are the best for the job; we’re being sincere.

Lately the Guild has been under a lot of pressure from the opposition. The affair with Korin and Berth Jens has not been good publicity for you. How do you plan to recover from that?

We will recover from that the same way we recovered from the Schubert-Moss affair, and the same way we recovered from the 25th of July. Many bad things have happened this great nation of ours before, but we have always overcome. Sabia and Verona has been founded on a rebel thought, a subversive and leftist thought. No matter what happens, the people know who they are going to vote for. Not I, nor any other Guild member needs to explain themselves for the wrongdoings of Mr. Jens.

And yet Unity is leading the polls. 

Unity is not what it used to be. Rivière and Müntz are no longer the faces of Souxarios, my friend. The Conservatives are not as conservative as they claim to be. They have softened, there is no right-wing in Sabia and Verona today. Blackhorse was a member of the KMCW. But that doesn’t mean he was elected leader by mistake, Unity knows if it wants to have a chance at winning they need to be more open, and after six election cycles they are finally coming around. Blackhorse has done a good job re-branding the party. Safiry, I might even vote Unity!

What would your ideal Unity contender be?

Someone honest, someone kind. Someone who has Gonn’s interests at heart. Perhaps, someone I can have some tea with. Politicians make such a large part of our population, it’s hard not to get caught in political squabbles. Left this, right that. Conservatives, liberals, communists. It doesn’t matter. It’s just politics. I would certainly feel bad if I lost a friend to an election.

Who did you pick as your running mate?

Ah, I chose our friend Félix Gauvier. It’s a funny story. I had initially asked his father, Pomme, to run for Vice-Governor alongside me. This was back in November, mind you. We have always been good friends and I have had the chance to work with him in some of his recent projects. So I asked him to be my running mate and he looks at me and goes: “Suipom Goyo, why would you want to do such a thing to me? ” He has been rather politiphobic since the fall of the Sahoedang, you know? Back then I went to Harmê Bertram, and she agreed to run with me. So for this election, I went to Pomme again and asked the same. He looked so hurt! He’s always been such a good actor. But this time Félix heard us talking and went up to me and said “You will find it easier to walk backwards from Divedrinari to Ejariveen than getting my old man to run for office again.” So it was Félix.

Why not Ms. Bertram?

Well, she has other plans for the election. Don’t ask me what they are, though.

There are still a few months before the election. What is Governor Goyo’s plan of action now?

The plan of action now is the plan of action I had before. Making Gonn a better region every day. Cleaner, happier, more beautiful. The Gardens of Kotavari are growing, and we must prepare now that the temperatures are getting lower. I plan to show the Gonnik people I am still the Suipom Goyo they voted for last November.


Governor Goyo and Chief of Government Boulin have started the race to the general elections of September, the seventh democratic election in the history of Sabia and Verona. We wish them the best of luck.


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