“A step in the right direction”: Virny and Blackhorse meet in Kodesari

Meeting Virny Blackhorse 2016

History was made today in the Kodesari district of Alios as Enkâkourak Shounn Virny and Unity Party leader Andrew Blackhorse held a public meeting at Hamburg Square. This is the first time the leaders of the two main parties in Parliament have publicly met to discuss matters of state since the foundation of the Kingdom. The move is beeing seen as the latest of Mr. Blackhorse’s moves to “de-radicalize” Unity.

The main focus of the meeting was of course the upcoming general elections. According to a recent poll conducted by the Isadoran University of Darmosari (UID), Unity and the Guild are neck and neck in the race for a majority in the Sabioveronese Parliament, to be held in September, with both parties boasting exactly 50% of the vote. “Though improbable“, said Mr. Blackhorse after the meeting, “we must consider the possibility of a deadlock“.

Topics such as the economy, population growth, connectivity and the recent Koringate scandal were some of the other themes mentioned during the twenty-minute exchange, which was witnessed by the neighbors of Kodesari.

During the meeting, Mr. Blackhorse also expressed his wishes to resign as party leader before the election.”I do not wish to run for Enkâkourak with Unity. I will run for my seat in Parliament, but I believe it is my duty to pass on my torch to someone else in my party.” said Mr. Blackhorse. That someone else, as implied during the meeting, is most likely to be a native southerner.

Southerners or sitegentar are plush toys who already lived in Alios and Gonn before the arrival of the Valtirians with the Haronos Plan in 2015. They are, statistically, the main force backing the Unity Party and the ones countering the mostly Valtirian supporter base of the Guild.

Enkâkourak Virny hailed the enconter as a “step in the right direction” for inter-party relations. For Mr. Virny and the Guild, this represents a relief following the disastrous aftermath of the Koringate scandal last month. Though the opposition is not likely to drop the subject any time soon, even after Berth Jens’ inprisonment last week, the leftists can be sure they will be able to move past this and look forward to co-operating with their opponents in the long run.


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