Lib deputy leader Dargany, not Blackhorse, to lead new government

Dargany Blackhorse

Meeting of the Liberal leadership.

After claims made last night by Prime Minister Virny that Liberal deputy leader Noa Dargany was leading the government formation talks, instead of leader Andrew Blackhorse, the blue party’s leadership revealed that it is indeed Dargany, and not Blackhorse, the Liberals’ pick to become Prime Minister.

This morning Blackhorse released a statement in which he confessed he intends to stand down from the Liberals’ leadership sometime soon in the future, which will trigger a leadership election as per the party’s new statuory code established as part of the New Valtirian Plan last November. He said he “entrusts the hard task” of forming the Kingdom’s next government to his hand-picked second-in-command, Noa Dargany, whom he chose to be his deputy leader in December.

Blackhorse had previously intended to leave his position last year, but decided against stepping down after polls revealed his widespread popularity among his party’s voter base. Liberal MP and rumored future cabinet secretary, Simor de Jena, confided to The Phonograph that Blackhorse had long intended to step down after the 2017 election, which took place much earlier than anticipated due to the adoption of the new Constitution. De Jena pointed out the Liberal campaign for last week’s election was focused on the party’s agenda, rather than Blackhorse’s personal image. “The people voted for us as a party, not for Andrew“, she explained.

While Dargany is expected to receive the King’s mandate to form the 3rd parliament’s government, she will most likely have to go through an internal leadership election in order to gain her party’s confidence and keep the much needed stability the upcoming government will need. It is yet unknown when Blackhorse will stand down or when a fresh Liberal election will be held.

Dargany is scheduled to meet the King to ask for a mandate on Friday.


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