Decision 2017: Left and Liberals grow as Artists sink to third place


Liberal leader Andrew Blackhorse celebrates with deputy leader Noa Dargany.

  • At 12:20 am the Electoral Commission relased the results of the 2017 general election, the shortest and less covered vote since the 2012 election.
  • The Liberals once again emerge as the largest party in Parliament, falling just one seat short of a majority with 10 out of 20 seats,  and with 53% of the popular vote.
  • The Left grows with two more seats and 30% of the vote, while the Artists lose two seats and nearly 20% of the popular vote.
  • Left leader Apollo Cerwyn has already ruled out another leftist coalition with the Artists or a grand coalition with the Liberals.

The ballots were open until 11 pm, much later than the usual 6 or 8 pm. Prime Minister Shounn Virny complained on Twitter, demanding answers from the Electoral Commission. The President of the commission, Maximilien Gauvier, announced the turnout was of 100%, the second time in Sabioveronese history that a complete 100% turnout was recorded. The first time was in the 2015 election.

Once the results were made public, the Left and Liberal bunkers celebrated with song-singing and candy. The Artists were less enthusiastic. The sense of defeat had been present in the Artists’ compound from early in the morning. Shortly after the Commission released the results, Virny apologized to Artist leader Snø Jens and tweeted “Blame not Sno [sic] & Co. I accept full responsibility for the Guild’s performance. Congrats to A.B. and the Libs.” signaling a possible reconciliation among the two warring factions of the Guild in the face of defeat.

Prefects in Gonn’s three new prefectures were also elected, as mandated by the new constitution. The Left took two out of the three positions, with Dovedán Pashor and Berth Jens winning in Kotavari and Monesari, respectively, while Liberal Qiàn Àn won in Sato.

Though details on what the Kingdom’s next government are still unclear, it’s likely a Liberal minority government headed by Blackhorse as PM will succeed the unstable R-N coalition gov’t once the new Parliament sits for the first time on the 22nd.

3rd Parliament2


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