Liberals to choose new leader on June 5


Noa Dargany (left) and Andrew Blackhorse.

Liberal leader Andrew Blackhorse has confirmed the date for the election of a new leader for the party: June 5th. After announcing he intended to resign as party leader, delegating the task of forming a government to Deputy Leader, Noa Dargany, whose cabinet – and premiership – was approved by Parliament last week. The leadership election will be the first of its kind in the party’s history, and indeed, one of the few in all of Sabia and Verona’s history, as parties have historically preferred to leave leadership contests to advisory boards and committees.

The Liberals’ party manifesto, known as the New Valtirian Plan, states the leader of the party has to be chosen by party members in a free and secret election. The National Artists’ Guild has a similar policy, but so far no leadership elections have been held per se, as former leader Shounn Virny was chosen in a plenipotentiary congress, and current leader Snoe Jens assumed his position in interim fashion after Virny’s resignation.

Blackhorse himself was chosen by party barons, back when the Liberals were still known as the Unity Party. His succession of former PM Bertrand Rivière was seen as a breath of fresh air for the party, which lost substantial popularity following Rivière’s convulsed time in office. Blackhorse is credited for renovating the party, adopting a revolutionary new party manifesto, gaining the loyalty of native Southerners and leading the party to its greatest electoral victory since 2012, in 2017. He has been described as charismatic and honest, but he has led the Liberals with some reluctance: early last year the leader admitted he had intentions to resign, but polls showing his popularity forced him to stay. Now, having done his party good, he’s ready to go home.

So far, only Dargany has put herself forward as candidate. Her victory is nearly certain, as she is seen as a continuation of Blackhorse’s legacy, having been handpicked by the leader to be his second in command in November. The former RAS Brigadier is also almost as popular as Blackhorse among Southerners, the party’s key demographic. Any aspiring contenders will find it immensely hard to take on the Prime Minister.

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