Goverment under fire over corruption allegations


The Virny administration is facing public backlash after the head of the National Intelligence Division (DEX) Boris Tovinski divulged this morning evidence of alleged embezzlement by Berth Jens, General Executive Director of Sâbixaveronik Korin VM, Sabia and Verona’s national post service and member of the prominent Jens family. According to the DEX’s report, which was published earlier today, Jens has appropriated over 4000 groxar in government funds for the state-owned post service since its foundation in mid-January of this year. Enkâkourak Virny is yet to make a public statement, but has confided to the Phonograph all government agencies are focused on the investigation, working together with the Royal Auror Corps.

Unity Party leader and head of the Opposition Andrew Blackhorse was quick to blame Enkâkourak Virny and his administration, stating the government’s “mediocre, incompetent” management of the “myriad” of state-owned enterprises was the evident cause of the fraud. Member of Parliament Franxêska Bagos of the Unity Party qualified Mr. Jens as “everything the National Artists’ Guild stands for” and a “disgrace for the Kingdom”.

Mr. Jens has since resigned from his position, which has been taken over by Vice-General Executive Director Harmê Bertram de Asra. As no charges have yet been pressed, the businessman will have to stay in his native Monesari as his travel rights have been denied by an express order from the Tribunal of the Kingdom.

More to come.


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