Koringate: Jens pleads innocent, blames heartache


The past few days have been full of action, drama and plot twists at the Hâret Tadesosann, where the Tribunal of Sabia and Verona is handling the trial of former Korin GED Berth Jens, who is being accused of corruption for his embezzlement of 4 thousand groxar in government funds. Justice Mei Xiongmao, Enkâtadesos (Chief Justice) of the Tribunal, has said this could be the “most important case in Sabioveronese justice since Schubert-Moss”.

Evidence is not lacking. The case against Mr. Jens is supported by a large amount of incriminating evidence gathered by the National Intelligence Division (DEX) and the Royal Auror Corps, which have worked together the past week.

On the first hearing, led by Justice Xiongmao, Mr. Jens shocked the nation by pleading not guilty of the charges being pressed against him. His attorney, Viktarios Sitaesy, claims his client had not been in his right mind while leading Sâbixaveronik Korin VM, as he had been suffering from a severe case of heartache.

According to the defense, Mr. Jens had spent all of the government’s funds on cotton candy, assorted Danish butter cookies and various forms of pastry to get over his divorce with former Enkâkourak Ann Stefanović, with whom he had been in a relationship since late 2013. The couple didn’t last long as husband and wife; shortly after their marriage in June 2014, Jens was reported living in Salisse while the former head of government lived with her children in Caenia. Mr. Jens emigrated from Salisse to Alios in September 2015, leaving his wife behind and prompting speculation on the status of the famed relationship, only to have Mrs. Stefanović confirm last December the marriage had indeed been terminated.

sinful paradise

The defendant allegedly embezzled government funds to buy Danish butter cookies to get over his divorce.

Mr. Jens’ family and friends have closely followed the trial, some, like his now ex-wife, can only watch and stand idle from the North. One ardent defender of Mr. Jens is his own brother, Snø, MP and socialite. According to Snø, his brother has always meant well, but his feelings have clouded his judgement. “My brother has always been a respected member of the Sabioveronese community, and he has nothing but his own spotless reputation to prove that.” He went on to comment, “what are four thousand groxar anyway?

But Mr. Jens is not without enemies. He has become the face of corruption in Sabia and Verona, and his close ties to the National Artists’ Guild has given the Opposition a golden chance to criticize both the Virny adminsitration and the state of politics in the Kingdom. Unity Party MP Franxêska Bagos is one of Mr. Jen’s staunchest opponents.

Never has there ever been a clearer example of the negative influence of communism and magic nationalism in Sabia and Verona. This level of debauchery, shamelessness and depravity is only to be expected from the nepotistic lines of the Jens dynasty” said Mrs. Bagos in a public statement in Monesari today.

As the trial continues, it is not clear what the outcome will be. The people of the Kingdom may be divided as to whether Mr. Jens is guilty or not, but the final decision is only the Tribunal’s to make.


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