2019 election: Democrats rise to victory as SiV turns to the left

A left-wing party will govern Sabia and Verona for the first time since 2016.


Apollo Cerwyn (forefront) speaks to a crowd of supporters in Darmosari, Alios

In the tenth general election since the establishment of Sabia and Verona, the Democratic Party (HG) has become the largest party in the atanói. With a razor-thin majority held by a single seat, the Democrats have won the first outright majority since the 2015 election, which will allow them to form the 12th government of Sabia and Verona.

The Democratic Party, led by Apollo Cerwyn, fared better than polls had predicted, scoring 55.6% of the vote. Compared to last year’s election, the ruling Liberals increased their vote share as well, with 44.4% against 2018’s 43.1% – but their vote base was expected to have increased more with the annexation of the National Artists’ Guild into the blue party in November 2018.

Shortly before the definitive results were announced by the Electoral Commission at 23:00 Alios time, two hours after the closing of ballots, Prime Minister Andrew Blackhorse conceded defeat to his opponents. Blackhorse said he had already talked to Cerwyn personally and had congratulated him on the result. The outgoing PM also lauded the Valtirian citizenry on the peaceful, uneventful nature of the voting process, echoing a statement released earlier by HRH the King.

Speaking before a crowd of supporters in the Darmosari district of Alios, Cerwyn – flanked by his right hand and likely deputy PM, Soraya Hreti, as well as other major Democratic figures – thanked the Valtirian people for the support and hailed a “new age” for Sabioveronese democracy. His majority will allow him to form the first single-party government with no outside support since the first Virny administration in 2015.

The 2019 election was also the third election in Sabioveronese history in which only two parties ran for seats in Parliament, after the 2012 and 2015 elections, and the second after the 2012 election in which only two parties legally existed.

The 5th Parliament will sit for the first time on Wednesday (29-05-2019), a day after the current Parliament’s mandate expires. Pressing items on the new Parliament’s agenda include the renewal of the entire judiciary and the issue of the Northern provinces, which has gained traction in recent weeks.


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