Blackhorse resigns as Liberal leader


Blackhorse speaking in Parliament in his first speech as Prime Minister, October 2018

The Prime Minister announced his effective resignation as leader of the Liberal party late last night (31-5-2019), days after the party’s resounding defeat in the polls held last Sunday (26-5-2019) that will result in the loss of power for the blue party for the first time since 2017.

This is the second time Blackhorse, widely considered the mastermind behind the transformation of the old Unity Party into the modern Liberals, resigns from the position, having previously rescinded the leadership in 2017. This time, however, is “definite”, according to Blackhorse.

The PM thanked the members of his party and the Valtirian people for the “trust, love and support [they] have given me” since taking office as both leader of the party and head of government six months ago in October 2018, when he successfully displaced his former deputy and protégée, Noa Dargany, amid an internal dispute on the issue of the New Frontier plan.

Enthusiasm for Blackhorse’s premiership (reflected in a series of polls conducted by TID) was initially high, as the PM proved to be an effective negotiatior and managed to strike a deal with the Opposition in the New Frontier negotiations, which had stalled for months under Dargany. Support for the Liberals decreased after that, however, as the government fell into inactivity.

Now, Blackhorse says, “it’s time for a new face to take reins of the party and serve as Leader of the Opposition.” Liberal deputy leader Shassel Marlaryen will serve as acting party head and leader of the Opposition until a new Liberal chief is elected.



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