Handsome and liberal: is Blackhorse our very own Justin Trudeau?

He’s young and promising, a rising star. He has close ties to a former Prime Minister, and he’s a major progressive figure in his party. He’s handsome and never shies away from the camera.

We’re not talking about Justin Trudeau, we’re talking about Andrew Blackhorse, leader of the Unity Party. Recently many comparisons have been drawn between the new Prime Minister of Canada, who rose to power last November, and the leader of the blue party who’s slaying his opponents in every poll.


A good looking man and a good looking bear, destined to be political analogues.

The two leaders started with little interest in politics, despite being closely related to major politicians. Trudeau’s father, Pierre Trudeau, was Prime Minister in the 80’s. Blackhorse, for his part, was always closely related to former Enkâkourak and beloved politician Ann Stefanović, whom Blackhorse has described as a “mother figure” following his release from the Military Penal Service System (axSistema, as it is known in Sabian). While Stefanović belonged to the Initiative for Democracy party, and Blackhorse was a dishearted Communist militant, the former Enkâkourak has spoken dearly of “Little Andrew” in several occasions.

Blackhorse also mirrors the Canadian PM in his position as a progressive beacon in a midst of Conservative politics. As leader of the Unity Party, the largest conservative party in Sabia and Verona, Blackhorse has positioned himself as a controversial and divisive leader introducing progressive and social liberal reforms to what many have called an  anachronic and unrelatable party.

Both leaders are charismatic and popular, and do not shy away from cameras, as they have both been praised by their natural looks and fresh appearance. Easy to like is what Unity supporters claim, as many said of Trudeau during last year’s parliamentary elections in the North American macronation.

What Blackhorse truly needs to become a carbon copy of the new Canadian PM is to become a Prime Minister himself. If polls are right, this could become a reality in September, when the 2016 general elections are held. As things stand, it seems Blackhorse has a solid chance of becoming Sabia and Verona’s very own Justin Trudeau.


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