NNS and Left reach agreement to form coalition


Cerwyn and Virny in Kotavari this morning.

At a joint conference today in Kotavari, Enkâkourak Shounn Virny and Left Alliance leader Apollo Cerwyn announced the two parties’ leaderships had reached an agreement and would form a coalition to govern for the next year. Together, the two parties add 10 out of 20 seats in the new Parliament, a single seat short of a real majority. This is, however, more than the Unity Party’s 9 seats.

Details on the composition of the new cabinet, which will be officially known as the Council of the 2nd Parliament, are yet to be made public. However it was confirmed by the party leaders that Cerwyn will be Fetakourak (Deputy PM) and Foreign Secretary in Shounn Virny’s second cabinet.

Unity Party leader Andrew Blackhorse has said he “fully intend[s] to co-operate with the new coalition government” and that Unity will “continue to work as the healthy, responsible opposition” they have been since last year.


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