The secret meeting of Liberals and Leftists Virny wasn’t invited to


Left and Liberal leaderships seen outside axBoxag in Darmosari.

The leaderships of the Left Alliance and the Liberals were spotted at axBoxag, the popular teahouse of the Alios district of Darmosari, discussing private issues. They politely asked bystanders to move along and respect their privacy, and refused to share the topics of their disussion. The meeting, which lasted about three hours from 9 am to 12 am AST, is the first of its kind with members of the Left and the Liberals alone; it had been a Left tradition to avoid dialogue with the Liberals (then known as the Unity Party) ever since the foundation of the Alliance in 2014.

The meeting is the latest event in a series of internal clashes in the governing coalition, starting with the controversial resignation of Botany Secretary Andreina Rossini, of the Left Alliance, on January 10. Internal sources report to the SiV Phonograph that communication between the National Artists’ Guild and the Left Alliance has completely halted, and there hasn’t been a cabinet meeting, formal or informal, since Rossini’s resignation over a week ago.

As expressed by Cerwyn during an impromptu conference in Kodesari, the Left feels its concerns and issues have not been properly addressed by their senior partner in coalition, the National Artists’ Guild (NNS). A main point in the Left’s platform is constitutional reform; an issue Left MPs have been pressing for since the party gained representation in Parliament in in May of last year. The NNS, or at least its leadership, is firmly opposed to any amendment to the current constitutional text.

Tensions reached an all-time high two days ago when Enkâkourak and NNS leader Shounn Virny tweeted: “The Left’s concerns HAVE been addressed. There will be NO constitutional reform”, apparently betraying a promise made to the Left Alliance during the coalition talks held after last year’s election, which resulted in Virny keeping his position at the government’s helm and made him the first Enkâkourak in Sabioveronese history to retain power through two elections.

Opinions are also split in the Guild: MPs Anton Schubert-Moss and Snø Jens have expressed support for dialogue regarding constitutional reform, while Alios Chief of Government Étienne Boulin has been overheard questioning the Enkâkourak’s ability to govern hand in hand with another party.

While the objectives and results of the private meeting in axBoxag today are still unknown to the general public, it’s likely bad news for Virny and the Guild.


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